GUINNESS + Chocolate …. Mmmmmm

When we think of the GUINNESS, we most associate it with St. Patrick’s Day, Irish and the ever so popular dry Stout beer. Thanks to its success, we as Americans can pretend to be Irish for just one day by drinking green beer and dancing to the bagpipes.

Lucky for us, both chocolate and Guinness have dark, rich, husky tones that go perfectly with each other like Bonnie and Clyde. Some of the most popular Guinness / Chocolate combos out there are:


(make sure you don’t drink too much of this one or you might really float away)


GUINNESS Chocolate Mousse

Ohhhh look how rich!


BUT nothing comes close to the sweet, rich taste of GUINNESS Stout Cake with Irish Bailey’s Buttercream!


We wanted to create something extra special for St. Patrick’s Day that would really get us in the spirit of things! Our GUINNESS Stout recipe totally kicked butt the first time we made it, and we are now addicted to the rich, moist cake that tastes so creamy when topped with the Irish Bailey’s Buttercream. Consider yourself warned!

Presenting our St. Patty’s Day Cake Jar Bundles!

Let us know how drunk in love you are over them!