Dinner with Friends Charity Event

Our deepest thanks to Matt Teeter and Carlos Sanguinetti for putting on Dinner with Friends every year, a charity event to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House of San Diego.

POPCAKERY was honored to be a part of the event again this year.

Cake Jar Charity Donation

Ronald McDonald House Cake Jar Donation

Due to our donation, each guest was able to take a jar home with them as a party favor!

Cake in a Jar Party Favor

Cake Jar Party Favors for Ronald McDonald House

We were able to customize the top labels to fit with the theme of the event.

Cake in a Jar Custom Labels

Cake in a Jar Custom Labels

There was nothing but fun and entertainment all night long. It is important for us to give back to the world and our community to help those who need it most. We were fortunate to be able to give back in such an impactful way!

Cake Donation Ronald McDonald House

Dinner with Friends Ronald McDonald House

Cake in a Jar Charity Event

Dinner with Friends Charity Event Founders

Make sure to join the Ronald McDonald House and POPCAKERY next year for another fabulous event!


GUINNESS + Chocolate …. Mmmmmm

When we think of the GUINNESS, we most associate it with St. Patrick’s Day, Irish and the ever so popular dry Stout beer. Thanks to its success, we as Americans can pretend to be Irish for just one day by drinking green beer and dancing to the bagpipes.

Lucky for us, both chocolate and Guinness have dark, rich, husky tones that go perfectly with each other like Bonnie and Clyde. Some of the most popular Guinness / Chocolate combos out there are:


(make sure you don’t drink too much of this one or you might really float away)


GUINNESS Chocolate Mousse

Ohhhh look how rich!


BUT nothing comes close to the sweet, rich taste of GUINNESS Stout Cake with Irish Bailey’s Buttercream!


We wanted to create something extra special for St. Patrick’s Day that would really get us in the spirit of things! Our GUINNESS Stout recipe totally kicked butt the first time we made it, and we are now addicted to the rich, moist cake that tastes so creamy when topped with the Irish Bailey’s Buttercream. Consider yourself warned!

Presenting our St. Patty’s Day Cake Jar Bundles!

Let us know how drunk in love you are over them!

Sweethearts and Sweet Treats

Unique Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, means love is in the air. Whether you have a special someone to share the day  with or not you just feel like treating yourself, nothing says love like something sweet – we’re talking about cake jars. Surprise your date by packing away your jars until the opportune moment, try doing that with a whole cake or a pie. Cake jars are portable, tasty, and elegantly packaged, making them the ideal treat to bring along to your special date night spot. A unique gourmet dessert calls for a unique date night, so consider our top three picks for out of the ordinary romantic ideas.

1. Tent in the Backyard

Want to be alone with your Valentine and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? If escaping on a romantic getaway is out of your budget, consider a staycation.  A simple way to feel like you’re miles away without ever leaving home is to  pitch a tent in your backyard and have a romantic night under the stars. Have a couple cake jars waiting to add a dash or romantic flare and transform your ordinary backyard into a night you’ll always remember.

Valentines Day Cake Jars

2. Bonfire on the Beach

If tents aren’t your thing and you’re more a fan of the ocean, take your date to the beach and snuggle up around a bonfire for two. Listen to the waves crash while you dig your toes in the sand, get warm by the fire, and enjoy the cake jars you packed. Just be sure to bring enough firewood.

Valentines Day Cake Jars

3. Private Movie Theatre

Most of the country is still enduring the cold; so being outdoors on Valentine’s Day might not be for everyone. In this case, consider a simple indoor option and turn your room into a private movie theatre by spending the evening watching your favorite movies together. Avoid theater lines and don’t be limited to fake butter on your popcorn. Grab a cake jar and enjoy your  flick without the interruption of annoying movie goers.

Valentines Day Cake Jars

Rather than going to an expensive restaurant, the accessibility of these unique date locations means that you can surprise your date with a cake jar from POPCAKERY and have a simple, affordable, and memorable night that both of you will always remember. Share a gourmet dessert in your tent, by the fire, or in the comfort of your own movie theatre, and have a Valentine’s Day that’s both romantic and one-of-a-kind.

Despicable Me Cake Jars

We had the pleasure of creating custom cake jars for a Despicable Me birthday party! Filled with minions and Despicable Me flair, the dessert table that came together for this 4th birthday party featured our cake jars. We worked with the mom who put her daughter’s party together to create vibrant, colorful labels that included one of each of the characters from the movie.

Here are the cake jars with custom labels wishing Rosey a Happy Birthday!

san diego cupcake delivery

san diego cupcake delivery san diego cupcake delivery 

And here is the picture of the entiere Despicable Me dessert table. How clever is this?

san diego cupcake delivery san diego cupcake delivery

Happy Birthday Rosey! Bee-doo! Bee-doo! Bee-doo!