Give ’em a Little Sugar

Sweeten Up this Valentine’s Day with these Date Night

valentine's dayNow that the holidays have passed, it’s time to enjoy time with that special someone, and start thinking of Valentine’s Day plans. Romantic getaways, cooking a special dinner, and lighting candles all have the makings of a romantic day. However, true romance is about making that special someone know they are special, and maybe getting a little sugar in return.

Show them you love them by giving ‘em a little sugar by taking advantage of our 20% off special, and indulge in more for less, without the guilt!

Whether you have a picnic planned, a special night in, or go for a classic dinner and a movie date, cake jars are sure to sweeten the night, so stock up on some sweet cake jars here and enter Promo Code LOVE.

If you’re running short on ideas, see if any of these ideas hits a sweet spot:

Plan a Picnic: Pack a lunch and hit the park with that special someone, and spend time out in nature enjoying one another’s company. Picnics are a great way to turn an ordinary lunch into a special treat. Don’t forget to pack some cake jars, for some sweet dessert. The cake jars are portable, and the mason jars they come in can be reused as a vase for flowers.

Plan a Special Night In: Order in from your favorite restaurant, kick your feet up and cuddle up with your sweetie this Valentine’s Day. Spending the night in will allow you to share a warm, intimate moment to cherish, especially if you stock up on some cake jars and indulge in some sweets together. For an added sparkle to your date night, why not light up sparklers together and splash the night with sparks?

Dinner and a Movie: This classic has been around because it is tried and true. Going out to eat at a favorite spot, and then cuddling during a Romantic Comedy may seem cheesy, but it is a great way to spend some quality time with that special someone. Sweeten the deal and surprise your sweetie with a cake jar at the end of the night, and you may just get some sweet sugar in return!

Your sweetheart will be more interested in spending some quality time than an extravagant gesture. You can still give your sweetheart a little sugar and make their day special with cake jars.


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